Texas Farmers’ Market Pick: Steamies Dumplings

Of all unlikely places, today I celebrated my Dim Sum Sunday at the Texas Farmers’ Market. The rapidly growing market at Mueller has a tiny petting zoo, picnic tables in the shade, live music, and a fairly extensive list of vendors. But I went to seek out one stall in particular…

Steamies Dumplings, a relative newcomer to the Texas food scene, was created by Cindy Chee. I stumbled upon Steamies Dumplings on Instagram via some photos of especially gorgeous sheng jian bao. I was ecstatic to learn that I could have authentic, from scratch, Chinese dumplings made with Texas ingredients in my freezer to cook whenever I wanted. While I came for the food pictures, I stayed for the puns, heartwarming #familyfirst posts, and adorable boomerangs of Steamie’s “Junior Taste Testers.”

I sampled their Chicken & Shiitake dumplings before taking home a pack of 12. Made with pasture raised chicken, organic shiitake, and unbleached flour, each bite is very flavorful and feels healthy and satisfying. Helpfully, the Steamies Dumplings website even has video tutorials to help you cook the dumplings at home just as perfectly as they do.

Currently, other menu staples are Pork and Cabbage dumplings and Vegan dumplings. There are also plans to expand the menu gradually.  If you want to stock up, or grab multiple types, I recommend going early to minimize the very real risk that they could sell out! If you miss them at the Farmer’s Market, note that the dumplings can also be ordered online.