Screenshot from Pixar's "Bao" short film

Domee Shi becomes first woman to direct for Pixar, with animated short, ‘Bao’

Note: Linked articles may contain spoilers.

Chinese-Canadian Domee Shi became the first woman to direct a Pixar short with Bao, a story playfully exploring the emotional journey of a Chinese immigrant mother whose son has grown up and moved out. Bao features an adorable animated dumpling which Shi likens to a ‘Chinese twist on the Gingerbread Man’, and is a heartening representation of familial dynamics and the power of food to bring loved ones together.

You can listen as Domee Shi speaks with NPR about creating Bao here.

Bao has been showing in theaters as a feature preceding Incredibles 2 since June 15, generating a wide range of reactions including joy, amusement, and confusion as well as teary-eyed recognition, perhaps especially with those who grew up with protective immigrant parents.

Those interested in making their own bao à la Domee Shi’s mom will be pleased to know that Food & Wine has her very recipe here.